The Future is now with the RA660 Navi XL

Over 500 satisfied customers worldwide. The new XL model optional with autonomous docking station for 24/7 cleaning.

App is coming soon.

RA660 Navi XL – fully automated power charging docking station

The new Cleanfix RA660 Navi XL model optional with autonomous docking station for 24/7 cleaning. Based on the KUKA charging assistant with carla_connect technology.

There when no one else is …

The RA660 Navi XL is ideal for all applications where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance. Equipped with an intelligent cleaning system, three cleaning brushes and water suction, it is capable of cleaning any surface autonomously and efficiently – even in complex and crowded areas. 

Super efficient with its intelligent cleaning algorithm. It is capable of cleaning up to 1 500 m2/hour.

Intelligent by design with its unique shape it can enter narrow areas and never misses a spot.

A simple setup and intuitive app. You are always up to date and never miss a report.

Autonomous docking station

The fully automated power charging docking station based on KUKA charging assistant carla_connect technology is a great way to charge the RA660 Navi XL automatically.

KUKA charging assistant carla_connect

Autonomous Navigation Technology

State-of-the-art and industry-proven product line that simplifies and shortens the installation of your AGVs and mobile robots.

BlueBotics ANT® lite

A trio that convinces

Equipped with three unique patented cleaning brushes or pads and a suction unit, so it can enter narrow areas and never misses a spot. 

Finding its way, always!

Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors and advanced indoor navigation algorithms, the RA660 Navi can navigate its way safely and autonomously.

The autonomous docking station in operation

Watch our lastest innovation in action and how it improves the charging and water refill process of the RA660 Navi XL.

The RA660 mission control App communicates directly with KUKA carla_connect charging assistant.

Compelling Specifications

The RA 660 Navi XL comes with the most efficient cleaning algorithm in the field, long-lasting battery life, large water tank and all in a compact body.

110 l

Water tank volume

40 min

Charging time

5 h

Battery running time

313 kg

Weight (with water)

Water tank volume

110  l

Weight (with water)

313 kg


1152 mm


1012 × 828 × 1152 mm

Working width

660 mm

Battery running time

5 h

Charging time

40 min (80%) 60 min (100%)

Update Interface External accessible
Communication LTE, WiFI, GPS
Water level indication Yes (touchscreen/app)
Reporting service & web API Embedded
Remote access Yes (via app)
Navigation system BlueBotics ANT® lite
Autonomous docking station optional

Fully Customizable

Perfectly match your new RA660 Navi XL with your brands Corporate Identity and create a unique eye-catcher.

For further information about the customization possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to assist you.

RA660 mission control

The RA660 mission control app connects your RA660 Navi XL with your Smartphone. Register your new cleaning robot directly in the app and get full control.

App is coming soon for Android and iOS. 

Command your Robot

Start, stop, pause and schedule cleaning tasks directly from your mission control app. Initiate the charging process with the optional KUKA charging assistant.

Keep your cleaning records stored

The RA660 Navi XL cleaning robot sends all cleaning cycles directly to your smartphone. You can review a graphical cleaning record as a Map and search all Records by date, location or cleaning status. With that you never miss anything.

Simple setup and connection

You can connect as many RA660 Navi XL as you want to one single account.

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