RA660 Navi XL

The Future of autonomous industrial cleaning

Over 500 satisfied customers worldwide. With new industry leading innovations such as the optional docking station for 24/7 cleaning or the app for remote control, the new autonomous scrubber-drier RA660 Navi XL is the most advanced floor scrubber robot in the world.

24/7 CleaningApp control

Autonomous floor cleaning in XL format

The latest generation of the autonomous industrial cleaning robot RA660 Navi is now even more intelligent and better connected than ever before. XL does not only mean a larger tank and higher cleaning performance, but also numerous new innovations and features. The RA660 Navi XL is our most advanced autonomous cleaning robot and combines years of experience with the latest connectivity.

The XL is especially designed for large areas, such as warehouses, train stations, shopping malls, airports, large public institutions, and many more. If needed  24/7 and of course completely autonomous, with the new optional docking station (based on KUKA carla_connect).

Docking Station

Remote Control

Fast Charge

Touch Screen

Membrane Tank

Cleaning Report

Intelligent by Design

From the beginning, the RA660 Navi XL was developed as an autonomous cleaning robot for industrial or commercial use. Unlike other cleaning robots with front-steering, the RA660 has the ability to turn on the spot and therefore has an extremely small turning circle. This enables the robot to handle even very narrow areas without any problems. The RA660 reaches places that normally can’t be reached with conventional ride-on scrubber-drier machines.

Autonomous Navigation

The Navigation of the RA660 Navi XL is powered by Bluebotics’s ANTlite+. BlueBotics ANT® (Autonomous Navigation Technology) is a state-of-the-art and industry-proven product line for AGV and mobile robots – made in Switzerland. The Software is easy and fast to install, robust and designed for industrial usage. 

Bluebotics ANT Lite+

A Trio that convinces

The cleaning unit of the RA660 Navi XL is equipped with three brushes (or pads). The brushes are placed in a special v-shape to bring the water and dirt in to the middle of the suction nozzle and ensure better cleaning results.

RA660 Mission Control

The newly designed RA660 mission control app connects your RA660 Navi XL to your Smartphone. Register your new floor scrubber robot directly in the app and get full control over the cleaning process and additional equipment like the KUKA carla_connect charging station, no matter where you are.

Command your Robot

Start, pause, stop and plan your cleaning tasks directly from your mobile device via the Mission Control App. Simply send the robot back to the charging station and start the charging process with the optional KUKA Charging Assistant at the touch of a button.

Choose between an autonomous and a manual cleaning mode. The autonomous mode allows you in combination with the docking station to change water and charge the battery fully automated. The charging and refilling cycle is performed simultaneously in a safe process. In addition, you can monitor the recharging process with live data in the RA660 Navi mission control.

Simple Setup and Connection

You can connect as many RA660 Navi XL and KUKA charging assistants to your Cleanfix Account as you want. The initial setup is done simply by scanning QR Code of the corresponding devices.

Keep your cleaning records stored

The RA660 Navi XL cleaning robot sends all important information about its cleaning cycles directly to your smartphone. There you can display the cleaned zones as a map and filter them by date, location or cleaning status. Notifications such as completed cycles etc. are sent directly to your device and displayed as push messages (if enabled).

App available for download in the App Store (only for iPad)

Fully automated Docking Station

Until now, the area to be cleaned was heavily dependent on the amount of water and battery life, the new optional autonomous docking station puts an end to this. The docking station, based on the Kuka carla_connect charging assistant and allows you to recharge the battery and refill fresh water fully autonomous – 24/7. This extends the RA660 Navi XL’s application range by very large areas. When the battery or fresh water empty, the cleaning robot automatically returns to the docking station and refills or recharges itself. The waste water is also drained automatically. After a successful refilling, the robot returns to the previous position and continues the cleaning process.

Thanks to new charging technology and fast-charging compatibility, the new autonomous industrial cleaning robot can be charged to 80% in just 40 minutes. The CCS standard based charging connection (also used in the automotive industry) enables a manufacturer-independent use and gives you the possibility to charge other electric vehicles from your fleet at the same place (e.g. logistics robots, …).

Autonomous scrubber drier with kuka carla_connect autonomous docking station

115A Fast Charge

24/7 Cleaning

Automated Power and Water refill

40 min (80%)
60min (100%)

High Safety

CCS Combo 2 Charging Plug

Outstanding obstacle avoidance

With its 14 ultrasonic sensors, a 2D LiDAR sensor and a full-face front bumper, the RA660 Navi XL detects almost all obstacles and avoids them efficiently. Temporary obstacles are detected and saved as “uncleaned area”.  At the end of its cleaning process, the RA660 Navi XL returns to the uncleaned areas and checks whether they are now free to clean or not.

In the app “RA660 Navi Mission Control” you can view the area coverage of the latest cleaning missions at any time. In these cleaning reports you can see exactly how the robot followed the cleaning paths and where obstacles disrupted the cleaning process for a longer period of time.

Cleaning Report in the “RA660 Navi Mission Control” App

Ultrasonic sensors

The 14 built-in ultrasonic sensors mounted to the RA660 Navi XL’s shield help to detect objects in the closer area. They prevent the robot from crashing into objects and potentially causing damage, by allowing him to slow down in time. They are positioned all over the front of the robot and point in different directions.

2D LiDAR sensor

The LiDAR sensor is used for area measurement, orientation and obstacle detection. The LiDAR sensor has a range of up to 50 m, depending on the version. This enables an early object detection and calculation of alternative routes.

Full-face front bumper

The entire front of the robot is movable and can detect impacts and match them to their direction. The so-called front bumper serves as protection if an obstacle could not be detected by LiDAR or the ultrasonic sensors. If the front bumper is triggered, the robot brakes abruptly and then bypasses the obstacle.

Efficient obstacle avoidance

Due to all these different sensors, as well as the intelligent software, the RA660 Navi XL can bypass objects efficiently and in a minimum of time – even if they occur suddenly. Due to the high reliability of this system, cleaning can also be executed during opening hours in busy areas such as train stations, shopping centres and museums.


Perfectly match your new RA660 Navi XL with your brands Corporate Identity and create a unique eye-catcher.

For further information about the customization possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to assist you.

YouTube Videos

 Here you find a selection of videos. You can find more on the Cleanfix YouTube channel. 


The RA660 Navi XL is the most advanced industrial and commercial scrubber-dryer robot available. Equipped with a very efficient cleaning algorithm, long-lasting battery, large water tank, supercharging possibility and an optional autonomous docking station for 24/7 cleaning.

All these features built into a compact chassis make the RA660 Navi XL a perfect partner for autonomous cleaning of large industrial, commercial and public areas.

110 l

Water Tank

40 min

Charging Time

3.5 h

Battery Running Time

0.6 m/s

Cleaning Speed

Water tank volume110  l
Weight (with water)313 kg
Height1’185 mm
Dimension1’010 × 850 × 1’185 mm
Working width660 mm
Battery running time3-4 h (24/7 with docking station)
Charging time40 min (80%)
60 min (100%)
Update InterfaceExternal accessible
CommunicationLTE, WiFi, GPS
Water level indicationYes (On-Board-Screen/App)
Reporting service & web APIEmbedded
Remote AccessYes (via App)
Navigation SystemBlueBotics ANT ® lite+
Autonomous Docking Stationoptional

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