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Factsheet Cleanfix RA660 Navi XL

This factsheet provides an overview of the various specifications of the RA660 Navi XL scrubber-drier robot. It’s kind like a short version of the website.


Installation Guide Autonomous Docking Station

This manual contains details and important information about the autonomous docking station and its installation.

Installation Layout Autonomous Docking Station

This installation guide shows a possible wall mounting of the docking station with all its components (water, electricity, …). This is an overview of all important details with safety distances, it serves as a planning aid.

*In most cases, other dimensions can also be used, but the situation must then be assessed individually.


Comparison Sheet RA660 Navi and Navi XL

This information sheet (data sheet) compares the two autonomous scrubber-drier robots. It contains all important specifications and features (standard/optional). Simply compare the two cleaning robots and find the right one for your application.