The Future of Cleaning is Simple, Seamless and Swiss Made

Get to know the best autonomous industrial cleaning robot in the world. More than 40 years of experience in developing and producing cleaning systems result in the RA660 Navi.

The autonomous industrial cleaning robot seen from the front

Making a clean difference

Cleaning should be easy, intelligent and efficient. With the RA660 it is also autonomous. It scrubs and vacuums independently in your defined cleaning zones whenever you want and you receive a cleaning report when the job is done.

Find out, what makes the RA660 so special.

There when no one else is …

The RA660 Navi can be deployed where cleanness and hygiene really matter and it has to be cleaned cost-effectively.

Super efficient with its intelligent cleaning algorithm. It is capable of cleaning up to 1’250 m2/hour.

Intelligent by design with its unique shape it can enter narrow areas and never misses a spot.

A simple setup and intuitive app. You are up to date on any time and never miss a report.

Bluebotics ANT lite front view

Autonomous Navigation Technology

State-of-the-art and industry-proven product line that simplifies and shortens the installation of your AGVs and mobile robots.

BlueBotics ANT® lite

The autonomous industrial cleaning robot RA660 Navi bottom view with the 3 brushes

A trio that convinces

Equipped with three unique patented cleaning brushes or pads and a suction unit, so it can enter narrow areas and never misses a spot. 

The autonomous industrial cleaning robot RA660 Navi, top view with the touch display

Finding its way, always!

Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors and advanced indoor navigation algorithms, the RA660 Navi can navigate its way safely and autonomously.

Compelling Specifications

The RA660 Navi comes with the most efficient cleaning algorithm in the field, long-lasting battery life and all in a compact body.

45 l

Water tank volume

96 Ah

Battery capacity

2.5 h

Running time


Cleaning speed

Water tank volume

45  l

Weight (with water)

260 kg


880 mm


930 × 850 × 880 mm

Working width660 mm
Battery running time2.5 h
Charging time4 to 5 hours
Navigation systemBlueBotics ANT® lite

Fully Customizable

Perfectly match your RA660 Navi with your brands Corporate Identity and create a unique eye-catcher.

For further information about the customization possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to assist you.


Reporting app

With the easy-to-use Android and iOS reporting app, you have all important informations about the robot and the cleaning process with you, wherever you are.

The RA660 Navi Reporting App creates a record of all incidents that have occurred during the cleaning process and stores them. This way, the facility management always has an overview of all cleaning robots used and their current status. With push messages the App informs you, on your smartphone or tablet, in real time about new incoming incidents. For archiving or other purposes, the reports can also be downloaded.

Try the Demo!

On the left side you can find a Demo Version of the Reporting App. Feel free to click through and see how it will look in use!

Download the App today and register your new RA660 Navi directly in the app.


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